Europeanization and European integration

serbia_euThe research unit on Eurpeanization and European integration aims to contribute to comparative and interdisciplinary research on European Union and other European integration related issues. The research is focused on three broad areas: (1) studies on the EU enlargement and neighborhood policies; (2) social, economic and territorial governance; (3) comparative studies of Europeanization and transformation.

The underling assumption of the research unit is that the progress of Serbia and the Western Balkans in the Stabilization and Association Process is not satisfactory. The reforms are not carried out with the necessary speed and progress of countries towards the EU has been uneven. The recognized challenges relate to sustainability of economic development model, rule of law, reform of public administration and judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime, insincere regional cooperation, and unresolved political issues, all contributing to such outcome. However, a real and sustainable alternative to the full EU membership absolutely does not exist for Serbia and any other country of the Western Balkans. Only through full membership in the EU can all countries of the region hope to become relevant actors in European politics and work together with other partners on the deepening of European integration.

Apart from the EU enlargement, the research unit also aims at examining institutional design, policy performance, modes of regulation, welfare regimes, models of regional governance, public administration reform in a comparative perspective; and issues of economic, social and territorial cohesion.

The research unit focuses on the impact of European integration and Europeanisation comparatively on European economies and societies, especially by examining different themes such as immigration, gender equality, labor markets, justice and home affairs, democratic consolidation, transformation of the role of supranational, national and local actors, policy processes, institutions and the legal framework at both EU and national levels.

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