Small and medium enterprises financing and development

Within the research area on Small and medium enterprises financing and development we pursue research on the access to finance, as a key determinant for development and growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

This vibrant and evolving market segment has a low access to finance in almost every economy. Without an adequate access to finance, SMEs cannot increase their market share and customer base, conquer new markets, innovate and develop new or modified products, introduce better technology and train their employees. The lack of equity capital invested in small firms makes these businesses more reliant on other sources such as bank lending.

Our research is focused on all types of SME financing including SME banking, leasing, factoring, and microfinance, as well as venture capital and business angels, since we believe that access to finance is necessary condition for SMEs to become the key part of progressive, globally competitive industries, creating large numbers of jobs and generating income opportunities for their stakeholders.

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