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    Final Conference of EURAK’s Project in Belgrade

    “Impact of Fiscal Decentralisation on Local Economic Development in Serbia and Montenegro”

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    Regional Research Network

    on Decentralisation Established

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    EURAK’s Study on Judicial Academy

    in Sebia Presented

Democracy and the Rule of Law

Research on conditions, processes, and institutions that produce stable democracy, with extensive freedom, strong rule of law, and accountability of public officials.

Decentralization, local government finance and economic development

We pursue research on decentralization issues, as well as local finance and other instruments that cities and municipalities need in order to provide good governance and economic development..

European Integration

Contribute to comparative and interdisciplinary research on European Union and other European integration related issues.

Small and medium enterprises financing and development

Small and medium enterprises financing and development

Women and youth empowerment and social policy

We pursue research on policies that equip women and youth with the confidence, resiliency, and leadership skills needed to achieve their goals.

Federalism, Regionalism and Multilevel Governance

We pursue comparative studies and applied research on trends in multi-layered political systems.

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