Stagnation and Drift in the Western Balkans

cover_bookBelgrade, Fribourg, March 2014 – The book “Stagnation and Drift in the Western Balkans: The Challenges of Political, Economic and Social Change”, edited by Claire Gordon, Marko Kmezic, and Jasmina Opardija, allows a new generation of scholars, from the Balkans and beyond, to shed light on some of the struggles the region faces. The combination of post-communist and post-conflict transition, together with the current economic and financial crisis, pose difficult challenges for the Western Balkans.

What is the state of democracy in the region? Are the countries of the Western Balkans stuck somewhere between authoritarianism and genuine democracy? What are the remaining obstacles to state building?…

Conference “Europeanization by the Rule of Law”


Ohrid, Macedonia

Ohrid, FYRO Macedonia, September 2013 – The conference will be organized by the Skopje Societas Civilis Institute for Democracy, together with individual researchers from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, as part of the RRPP project “Europeanization by Rule of Law: Implementation in the western Balkans”. The goal of the conference is to present findings of the research project in order to fine tune results prior to their publishing in the near future.

Over the past 20 years, the Western Balkans (WB) has struggled to meet EU accession requirements (EU) and strengthen the rule of law. In line with previous “Europeanization”, this phenomenon should be perceived as a politically led process.…

Study of the Judicial Academy in Serbia in the Context of the EU Accession Process

lady-justice-statueBelgrade, April 2013 – EURAK began work on a research project which focuses on the reform of the judiciary in Serbia, with the special investigative focus on the newly established Judicial Academy.

The processes of democratic and socio-economic consolidation and the accession to the European Union (EU) in South-eastern Europe (SEE) have been fraught with difficulties. Recent “Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges 2011-2012” (COM(2011)666, Brussels, 12.10.2011) spelled out “increased focus on strengthening the rule of law” by stating that “Strengthening the rule of law has been identified as a continuing major challenge and a crucial condition for countries moving towards EU membership …” (p.…

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